Why Binarex



BinarEx, short for Binary Exchange, was created to bring the exchange-traded model to the Binary Exchange industry. The Binary Exchange industry has come under recent scrutiny because of unregulated brokers that operate without regard to providing best-execution to their clients. BinarEx brings the transparency needed to help ensure traders that they will receive the best execution available when trading on our highly regulated exchange-traded platform model.

There are always two sides to every financial market transaction, but often traders have a disadvantage when trading against their broker – as many firms do not uphold ethical standards because they are either not regulated or because of the lack of best-execution standards in the Binary Exchange industry. BinarEx is changing that, which is why we are the best place you can trade Binary Exchange in fair and transparent environment.

BinarEx is similar to what a trader would expect at a global stock exchange. To learn more about our regulatory licenses and how BinarEx works, click here. BinarEx is proud to bring you the best solution for trading Binary Exchange, and we welcome you to open a BinarEx account today.



There will be no trading on the Fixed Return Options Exchange during the holidays listed below

Binarex follows the official Monday-to-Friday trading hours of major stock exchanges, with trading closed at 4:00 PM Eastern Time. Please note local holidays may limit trading

How to Start Trading

Opening your BinarEx accounts takes just a few minutes. We instantly verify your credentials and upon approval you can fund your account and start trading.