BinarEx Trading Platforms


Account Type

With BinarEx’s cutting-edge trading platforms, you get the benefits of trading on an exchange to help ensure high-standards of best execution when invest with Binary Exchange contracts.

When you open a BinarEx Account, you are able to access your investment anytime through the BinarEx web-based platform which requires no download or installation.

Your BinarEx Account can also be accessed from the BinarEx mobile app, which provides you access to the mobile version of the BinarEx platform when you are on-the-go.

Learn more about the benefits of using BinarEx trading technology to manage your money and trading portfolio.

BINAREX Web Platform

Account Safety

BinarEx keeps your account secure. Your trading capital is safe and secure, available for withdrawing at any time.


Receive prompt alerts and information on trading activity


Short a contract or place another order – manage deals with ease


Access a global market place with a wide range of tradable assets

BINAREX Web Platform

Trade Binary Exchange with BinarEx from your mobile smart phone.

Accessible & Adaptive

Join the Exchange and get trading from any mobile device


Our security measures are standard across the banking sector


Mobile-friendly interface for unmatched user experience

Trade Opportunities

Exchange contracts on leading assets with fellow traders

How to Start Trading

Opening your BinarEx accounts takes just a few minutes. We instantly verify your credentials and upon approval you can fund your account and start trading.